Жили-были бизнесмены разные …
Бизнес свой делали-делали, развивались, как умели, и стало им скучно очень!
Надоело им о бизнесе разговаривать, да контракты подписывать!
И решили они тогда пригласить к себе звёзд шоу-бизнеса российского, да политиков для разнообразия!
Выпили, поговорили, сигару закурили, музыку послушали и стало им лучше, да веселее … И решили они тогда собираться чаще!
А клуб свой, то есть собрание, стали они называть ОЧЕНЬ ДЕЛОВЫЕ ЛЮДИ!

Pure Business Fishing event in the Orlovskiy place on 26 and 27 June 2021.

We’d like to announce that we’re going to carry out a Pure Business Fishing event in the Orlovskiy place on 26 and 27 June 2021.
We have been waiting for this event almost a year.
The previous wonderful event called STAR FISHING had been carried out in the Orlovskiy park-hotel, the best country-side hotel in Russia, in the August of past year (take a look HERE), now its high time to repeat it…
So, we intend to conduct a Pure Business Fishing in Orlovskiy place on 26 and 27 June 2021.
Organizers are Orlovskiy park-hotel and Pure Business Club.
There is some time available for preparations.
There is some time available to take a decision to join us as a co-organizers of this event.
It will be a perfect fiesta, we guarantee.
Stars of show-biz participation,  grand concert program, a lot of fish, cigars, much alcohol and may more will be involved there.
It will be very interesting and delicious.
Satisfaction from fishing and accommodation there is guaranteed!
By the way, we kindly invite you with children. There is a comfortable beach and wonderful zoo available on the park-hotel territory.
In case of any questions on participation or cooperation  in this event please contact via WhatsApp on  8 977 4593894, or email ochen-delovie-ludi@maul.ru typing in the headline subject “I want fishing”.
We will moderate this announcement in order to add new partners there, upon appearing!
By the way, our club is celebrating a 3-year anniversary this year!